Chapter 11 For Businesses

Have you taken out a personal loan to keep your business running? Are you putting off paying your taxes? If this sounds familiar, then it is time to take action.

Steven J. Heimberger Attorney at Law understands what you are going through. Not only does it affect you professionally, but it affects you personally. When your livelihood is suffering, you might not know how to move forward. With years of experience as a bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Heimberger has helped companies throughout Ohio get back on solid ground. Some of the industries he has worked with include:

  • Real estate companies
  • Real estate management organizations
  • Oil and gas
  • Small businesses

Helping You Understand Business Bankruptcy Options

Many business owners are not aware that filing for bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean they will lose the business. In fact, it can be a way to set your business up to be successful once again. Mr. Heimberger will help you understand the bankruptcy options available to your business.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a reorganization debt relief plan where you pay back a reduced amount of your existing debt while some of your debt is discharged. You will come up with a plan that shows how the business can become profitable after the bankruptcy proceedings by finding alternate sources of revenue, restructuring, renegotiating leases and cutting costs. At the same time, an automatic stay is put into place, which will keep the creditors from filing lawsuits.

Call An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Mr. Heimberger's experience in representing all parties in the bankruptcy process gives him a well-rounded approach and comprehensive understanding of bankruptcy law. He uses this to help his clients find a practical solution that makes sense for their individual needs.

Call Steven J. Heimberger today at 234-206-3958 to set up a free initial consultation at his Akron office. You can also reach him through his online contact form.

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